Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00%

The beacon market is estimated to cross $50 billion globally over the next decade. Become a Beaconstac Affiliate to participate in this fast-growing market and power your audience into the world of proximity marketing. Beaconstac is a global market leader in the space with customers in over 40 countries. 

A Beaconstac Affiliate is typically an evangelist for our product. She refers customers to Beaconstac, who create their own accounts with the affiliate's special code to let us know who referred them. Affiliates are paid on commission by Beaconstac. The affiliate commission is the total of
-  10% of the hardware sales and
-  10% of monthly platform revenue for the software for the first month

Examples of affiliate partners: boutique marketing agencies, bloggers, SME website owners, aggregators, online communities, e-commerce website, freelancers etc.